Wooster Farms and Field Lab Facilities

Fry Farm viewed from Feed Mill tower

The agricultural facilities at the Wooster Campus encompass more than 4,200 acres of agricultural land, including the Grace L. Drake Agricultural Laboratory at the Ohio State ATI.

To support the College's mission of research, teaching and outreach at the campus, the following services and support are provided by CFAES Administration.    

  • Salary support for seven full time farm staff (three farm managers, two research assistants and two agricultural technicians
  • Salary and budget support for other Research Operations Units that provide support to the consolidated farms (office staff, Farm Operations Unit, Grounds Maintenance, Feedstock Processing Research Facility)
  • Utility costs (Natural gas, electricity, phone, Internet)
  • Facilities maintenance (buildings, irrigation wells, drainage systems, roads)
  • Equipment grant awards to purchase farm machinery