Farm Operations

The primary function of the Farm Operations crew is to support the CFAES livestock departments, including the Department of Animal Sciences; the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering; and the Food Animal Health Research Program.

Services provided by the Farm Operations crew include:
  • Planting and harvesting crops and forage for use as animal feed for animal sciences departments. 
  • Purchasing and maintaining an inventory of hay and bedding as required by the animal sciences departments.
Tedding hay Looking across production field towards Krauss dairy Round baling hay
  • Providing extra labor to the Consolidated Research Farm crew during peak load or temporary labor shortages. 
  • Tillage or other soil preparation for research areas, as well as harvesting of salvage grain after research plot data has been collected. 
  • Purchasing, receiving and distributing seed, fertilizer, and pesticides as requested by research departments.
Fall plowing Combining soybeans Cultivating a field
  • Maintenance and repair of agricultural equipment; building or modifying agricultural equipment for specialized research tasks. 
  • Building and repairing fences and gates outside of buildings. 
  • Purchasing and maintaining an inventory of agricultural fuels and lubricants for use by research departments. 
  • Managing equipment and supplies at the Central Pesticide Storage Facility.
Routine maintenance Mobile repair shop Repair shop
  • Removal and spreading of livestock manure from CFAES animal facilities on the Wooster campus. 
  • Producing composted materials from animal waste and/or yard waste for use on CFAES land.

Compost facility

Spreading compost

  • Trucking livestock, grain, hay, feed, machinery or other items that require a large grain/livestock truck. (The driver can be provided by the department requesting the service or from Farm Operations personnel).
Bagged feed ready for delivery Box truck Delivery truck


  • Providing tractors, wagons, and other support for field days, tour groups, etc.
Wagon transporting field day visitors
One of several weather stations on campus
  • Daily weather observations as required by NOAA Weather Service and by CFAES research staff.