Consolidated Research Farms History

In July 2011, an agreement was reached between the OARDC Directors and departments/program leaders to consolidate farm operations staff from the Departments of Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Horticulture and Crop Science under OARDC Research Operations. As of October 2011, the field services staff consists of seven full time employees (four farm managers and three agricultural technicians) in addition to seasonal staff. These personnel manage eight farms on a diverse range of crops including fruits, vegetables, nursery crops, grains and forages. Areas of research include crop management practices, pest management and control, germplasm development, soil fertility and water management in conventional and organic crop production systems. Implicit in these activities are management support to comply with regulatory requirements to meet certification requirements for both and state and federal agencies, maintain accurate and detailed records, maintain equipment and facilities, develop prudent and sustainable crop rotations, meet plant nutrient needs and coordinate field and machinery operations. The farm managers must strive to be consistent with the CFAES Ecological Paradigm, while recognizing that some research projects may require treatments that incorporate less environmentally, economically or socially sustainable practices for comparison purposes. Faculty and staff may request field space or services using the drop down menu for Consolidated Farms” located above.